Nicole Lynn

Natural born organizers - her own mother describes her as "always needing order" and yes,
she does feel a label maker is a great birthday present.


After 20 years of working in corporate America, Nicole decided to do what gives her the most joy: organizing spaces for people that bring harmony to their worlds.  Nicole used to spend her Friday nights helping her friends with bathroom drawers, kitchen shelves, and shoes - she now brings her expertise to your life and spaces.

Nicole Lynn started Decluttered Spaces in 2013 to help people organize their homes and offices, thereby living happier lives with less stress. Today, Nicole creates simplified internal systems, offers training classes for small businesses, and consults in a private, online community {check out}. Oh, yes. She still organizes on-site for clients, rolls up her sleeves, and gets things in order.

Nicole has what it takes to bring your spaces to the next level.  She believes firmly in creating spaces that work for you and not for her.  This belief is imperative to create harmony in your spaces.  Let Nicole, your Harmonizing Specialist, change the way you use your space and make it a place you want to be.

Fly on over to learn more about Piper the Flying Pig!

Piper_cut out.png

Piper the Flying Pig

Piper The Flying Pig is breaking the myth that pigs can’t fly!!  After 45 + years of people hearing people say, “ I will get to it when pigs fly”, Piper is here to help you do just that! She wants to give you the wings you need to create a harmonious life.

Piper The Flying Pig may not be able to help you will all of your dreams, but she can certainly help you create the spaces that will help you energy and enthusiasm soar.  Piper’s goal when joining the Decluttered Spaces team is to take the pig out of your sty.

As Piper says, “You will get to it when pigs fly!”