This is for those who scream NO in their head but can't say the word. Are constantly wondering where their time is going. Dread when you see a name on caller ID because you know they are going to ask you to do something.
Sep 07, 2018, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Online Via your computer using Zoom


At Decluttered Spaces, we firmly believe in empowering lives through speaking and training.  This can be one-on-one through one of our Take Flight programs. Choose from one of our modules below or contact us for a training module designed around your specific needs.   
Need an engaging speaker for your group?  We've got you covered as well.

Say "Yes" to No: Without Guilt

Do you have difficulty saying "no"?  Find yourself overcommitted?  Left with no time for the things you love to do?  Wanting to avoid phone calls from certain people?   If so, this training module is for you!  We’ll talk through why you feel the need to say “yes” to everything, add up where all your time is really going {does, “it’s only 30 minutes a week” sound familiar?}, teach you some key phrases on how to say “no” in a way that removes the guilt, and help you find ways to delegate and say “YES” to more time for the things you love {delegation is another way of saying “no”}.

Creating Discipline to Stay on Your Flight Path 

The dream of being self-employed – all the freedom it comes with can be sabotaging and disorganization can make matters worse.  One of the most common challenges I find with my entrepreneurs and high-level sales people is the inability to organize their desks, time, and emails effectively.  They run late to meetings, can’t find proposals, and lose precious contact information as a result.  There isn’t a one size fit all cure to this dilemma.  I will show you multiple solutions for each area, so you decide on the cure that is best for you.

Keeping Your Dreams In Sight

I hear it all the time, "how am I ever going to balance home, work, life, kids, social time, etc.?"  Once I stopped thinking about it as a balancing act, and more of a blended life, things became well – a little more balanced.  Knowing when to draw the lines in time and set clear expectations is a must.  I’ll share the cure to this commonly disorganized balancing act, allowing you to keep your dreams in sight. 

Putting Wings in Your Networking

My approach to networking is a little different – we’re going to throw out the old terms of elevator speeches, 45-second commercials, and taglines and replace them with what their purpose is.  You’ll learn why you need to create an Intrigue Statement, what the use of a Cultivation Statement is and how you can declare your motto with an Impression Statement.   Forget the old school 1 to 1, wouldn’t you rather Get To Know You moment?  Why should I teach this?  Eight plus years of experience in the world's largest networking organization, including serving as a trainer, area director and five different leadership roles.